Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Spending Reality Check

Just some mid-afternoon thoughts as I snack on my lunch. I think my spending resolutions need a little update. I've had a couple of impulse purchased in the past couple of days. Time for some Notes to Self!

Flash Sales
I got into flash sales last year and it became a bit of a habit where jewelry is concerned. Because I learned how to make jewelry soon after, I resolved at the beginning of the year to stop spending regularly at flash sales...and I stuck to it! Today, I gave into a little impulse on Gilt and noticed I haven't bought anything there in 6 months. (Winning.) I have purchased a few things on other sale sites (Hautelook and MyHabit), but the cutback has been dramatic. I think I need to stop perusing the jewelry altogether. This is how I ended up with a pair of earrings today...I especially should not peruse the jewelry sections when they are labeled "bohemian".

Note to Self: this is a come to Nancy Reagan moment. I will not peruse the jewelry on flash sales. I will use flash sales only when I am interested in a specific brand. As you noted in January, your purchases of fashion jewelry are being curbed in light of the fact that you can now make your own (and use your Pinterest board for inspiration) as well as the fact that you have enough to Shop Your Stash each morning. Also, wear earrings more. You know you can't justify more when you so rarely wear them! You know you are already "bohemian" and you don't need another pair of earrings to prove it.

Oh, woe, this is so hard. I need every color under the sun, especially where neutral eye shadows are concerned. I have also recently discovered that I can, in fact, wear color on my lips without looking like a clown. Last year's resolutions were to not purchase any new mascaras, as well as stick to only a few formulas of base (foundation, powder, concealer). The base resolution has been maintained. The mascaras, I have binged. Why, why when I go back to the same mascara I've loved since '96? A few formulas is fine...but my unofficial quest to try every mascara under the sun is unnecessary. And the justification that I can have whatever colors I want in light of the fact that I stick to basics elsewhere? I think that's a bit out of control. I can't give up color totally...but I can devise a plan. And nail polish? I wear it less than earrings. I thought that purchasing a few "wild" colors, as opposed to the neutrals that are my staple, would be liberating. Suddenly I think trend colors called "taxi cab" are a good idea. When do my nails need to be bright yellow? You're a sucker for the colors of the "season", old girl. And remember that Chanel polish you just had to have last spring? Disaster. In the drawer it sits.

Note to self: The jig is up on mascara. Stop it, stop it, stop it. Keep a few (and you know that a few means 3) and that's it. What more do you need than a day mascara and an evening mascara? Nail polish? Forget about it. You will be shopping your stash for nails until further notice. Keep up the good work on base. I know color is hard, and your birthday is coming up, so let's focus on those items you've wanted for a long time to celebrate your birthday. Let's take color in baby month at a time...and good finds at the drugstore recently, but you and I both know you've discovered all you can there for the time being. Let's give it a rest for the sake of your patience. Post on what you've already bought, start shopping your stash, and make your birthday list.

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