Thursday, September 29, 2011


The word wanderlust came up today. It was kind of jarring, because I forgot that I have it. Not that I don't daydream constantly about the next big adventure or place I could be, but I forgot about an affliction one has that they forget about until they have to maintain it. Like I forgot this nagging feeling had a name. It's such a funny thing. Always wanting to be somewhere else, but loving where you are. 
(Carmel-by-the-Sea is one of my favorite places on earth. It's my retirement plan.)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I once was lost...

I'm not quite sure how I overlooked this one, being the rabid Janet Jackson fan that I am. Truth be told, I overlooked the Discipline album. Some of her newest stuff didn't grab me right away, so it is my own fault that I've gone 3 years without knowing this song existed.
As a friend pointed out, it's not lyrical genius, but mash up 2 Jacksons and I'm content. (Or, in the case of Scream, more than content.)
This song came to me in a pretty poignant time in my life. I was lost. Truly, I took a wrong turn in the car. That's a rare occasion, but there I was in the middle of Newark (Cali) having missed my turn to the Dumbarton Bridge, back to the sanctuary of the Peninsula. I was too busy navigating to be doing my usual frenzied flipping of the channels (with my new radio controls ON the steering wheel, thank you. I've joined the 2000s.) when I heard the familiar tune of "Rock With You". I sighed at first, thinking this was a new, butchered remake until the familiarity of that sultry voice registered as I took the turn I had missed earlier onto the bridge. The moment couldn't have been scripted better: the lightbulb in my head going on as I turned the right way toward home.
Don't you love radio treasure? Songs you wonder where they've been your whole life. Songs you've forgotten about...songs you wish would go away because you can't stop singing them. Delicious. My radio has been so good to me lately. Soon I will actually, you know, learn all of the media outlets in our new car. I've used the CD player once to play the Mamas and the Papas, and an attempt to use the Mp3s on my Blackberry didn't turn out so well. (Had some issues with skipping...wonder if it's the cord I used?) If my radio keeps spitting out the delicious guilty pleasures at this rate, I'll use Mp3s in my car when the next new format of music rolls out...

Dance Party! Where? My Car. Entertainment Line Up: At least I have upgraded to HD radio.