Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I'm trying out Bloglovin as an alternative to the Gmail reader.

Also, I have a lot of posts written. I just have no corresponding photos. I refuse to not have nice photos--that's what I love about blogs. I'm buying an SD card reader to night to see if it helps my motivation. There is something so demotivating about needing to get out the camera and its corresponding cords and deal with turning it on and uploading things...

So, where I used to fail in not writing things down, I am now failing in photography. Victory will be mine.


SarahSmile said...

Is bloglovin just for blogs? What's it got to offer that reader doesnt? Since you refuse to email me, I leave comments that demand your time & attention. I'm needy. :o)

Lindsie said...

It is just for blogs. I think it's more interactive than reader. It's as if you could get followers on reader. Come to think of it, that probably occurred on reader, too, but you then they killed buzz and following people's stuff and turned it into GooglePlus and it's very confusing for a senior citizen like me...bloglovin has a clean layout and more chance for interaction. It's just another platform I can play around with. And it required me to leave this code in a blogpost even though it didn't link to my profile correctly, but it synced up right with my profile on bloglovin. So, as usual, my attempts tend to be fraught with peril. This is the kind of stuff I never wanted to play around with before and now suddenly I'm interested in piddling around with these blog toys.
And I don't refuse to email you. I'm merely procrastinating at any sort of trip and picture update. I DID get the SD card reader...and somehow managed to fuck that up as well by purchasing one that can't handle a card with as large of a memory as ours...again, fraught with peril, fraught with peril.
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By the way, thank you for reading. You're the best.