Monday, July 9, 2012

thenewno2: Another John Doe

This is my new find of the day: thenewno2. George Harrison's son, Dhani, is part of this band. At this very moment I've listened to about 30 seconds and I already know I've stumbled upon a new love. (Sometimes, you just know.)
When you're a person like me who loves all things from the past, it's difficult to find new loves. It's difficult to get off the hamster wheel of vintage and embrace the present. Perhaps, as his voice is eerily like his father's, this is somewhat of a band-aid to that situation as it stirs the same emotions inside of me. But it feels slightly victorious that I've found something modern to love.
This victorious feeling is not exclusive to my musical tastes. Anytime I find myself in love with something remotely contemporary or modern that fits into my lifestyle, it's a little win. A bit unsteady, to be sure, and it takes a great deal of work to fit said items into my lifestyle or wardrobe, but it's a little win nonetheless.
Perhaps it is a band-aid-a reincarnated version of something that's seen a previous lifetime. My car is new, but it has vintage appeal. My clothes, when new, are often vintage-inspired or clearly evoke another era. Dhani, suffice it to say, pretty much just sounds like George. Perhaps I just love the fact that it sounds like George is alive again and writing new tunes. But I'm going to consider this a little victory in the battle to live in the moment.