Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Get the Accidental Look: Robert Palmer Back Up Dancer

This morning I reached for a red lipstick to wear, inspired by my evening's agenda: viewing the movie Snow White and the Huntsman. (Which was fantastic, and I am pleased that K-Stew didn't ruin it for me.) Though inspired by the fairy tale, what I ended up with looks a little more Robert Palmer/Addicted to Love dancer. When I picked up blogging again, I vowed to take better photos as that is the biggest challenge to it all-taking great pictures AND uploading them. We won't talk about my few thousand India vacation photos that have been living on my SD card since March...tonight, too lazy to get out our amazing camera, I took a quick snap with Photo Booth on my Mac. As usual, it cast way too much light on me, further driving home the point that my look is straight up Addicted to Love. Yes, Photo Booth isn't going to cut it in the future, but the fact that the camera agreed with me on the Robert Palmer bit was worth posting.
Not that my fancy photography is showing things true to color, but I used Make Up Forever's Aqua Lip Liner in Red 8C and Revlon's Cherries in the Snow.
My latest favorite blog is Cami Loves Kiwi (and Dinosaurs). At some point I'd like to talk more in depth about my most favorite blogs, as I get so much inspiration from them. I am such a groupie for Cami. Long story short, Cami always rocks a red lip and mentioned how she walks taller and has a strut when she wears a red lip, and that she hears a theme song in her head while she struts. I'm disabled, so I don't really strut. At least, I don't strut the way I would like. However, I now understand the theme song bit. When I wear a red lip, in my head I shall be-bop behind Mr. Palmer. Preferably with a less harsh eyebrow and cheek combo like the original dancers...

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