Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Meaning Behind My Blog Name

Clearly, my blog name is a play on the word blasphemous.

When I started this blog, I was inspired by blogs on fashion, beauty, shopping, etc. by females (and sometimes males!) with full-time jobs and lives. It was inspirational to me that these people had careers in fields unrelated to their blogging topics and wanted to look good when they showed up to the job. I went through a long slump post-grad school and post-major health issue where I didn't care about my looks anymore. I didn't think that was "allowed" if I wanted to be taken seriously. Nor did I feel like caring when I was sick. However, after reading these blogs and finding out how many of my Facebook friends (from all walks of my life) shop at the same stores I do and are investing in their wardrobes now more than any other point before in their lives, I realized my weekly trips to Sephora didn't need to be my dirty little secret. Everyone else really was doing it, too!

I don't intend for this blog to be as large-scale as some of the great blogs I read. It's basically a place to socialize among my friends and serve as a catch-all for my superficial mental diarrhea. (Once, twice, three times a LADY.) Plus, I enjoy writing and they always say to pursue what you would do for free. If this had to become my part-time job like it seems to be for other prolific bloggers, I probably wouldn't enjoy it as much. However, I'm grateful for those out there who do put in the time because they really have revolutionized the 'fashion world' for real people. It's fun to see REAL people wearing the trends (and setting them) or swatching make up colors so we can see how these things look without having to rely on the magazines. Plus, I'm not happy with my body type, which is a constant battle, but for the first time, thanks to these blogs, I am happy with my wardrobe and have figured out what my individual 'style' is, eclectic as it may be. (Again, I live on Eclectic Avenue.)

So, as for how I came up with blasFEMMEous, it was a way to blaspheme, if you will, at those who naysay any of these topics and or write them, or me, off as trivial. Giving a damn about what "people" thought (short-lived as it was) didn't work for me. It fed into the NOT giving a damn about myself, which REALLY didn't work for me. Rock bottom? Going to work in a Chester Cheeto tshirt...more than once. Covered by a ripping hoodie with OLD NAVY emblazoned across the chest. Call me frivolous, but that's no way to represent myself or my employer. Nor was it any way to pull myself up by my bootstraps after a round with my chronic medical condition. But most of all the name serves as a little reminder to myself that not caring about what other people think really is flattering on me.

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