Monday, March 7, 2011

The Last Item You Purchased

Well, I'm supposed to say "shoes". With the way I walk, I wear holes in the toes of my shoes. I just wear shoes out, period, into an unrepairable state. The last time I purchased everyday shoes (tennis shoes and shoes that qualify as something I can wear to work) was October 2009. I wore holes into the tennis shoes by the following September (I did a charity walk and trained for it pretty hard) and by the time winter started, I had worn out the work shoes pretty badly as well...and I'm still wearing them and it's spring. Lord forbid it rains. I still wear the tennis shoes to walk the dog. I may keep them to do that, so I don't ruin the next new pair.

I have found the exact same work shoes online, all I need to do is reorder them. As for the tennis shoes, I'd like to get something slightly more stylish than these ones that I had, though they actually gave my foot the support it needs. Which means in order to (hopefully) blend these 2 requirements, I'll have to shop around.

My husband asked me yesterday (after purchasing himself a pair of Italian leather loafers) if I'd bought my new shoes yet. No, but I did take the paycheck on a small Etsy and make up run. Priorities! Shoe buying isn't fun for's just a reminder of what I can't have. Jesus help our credit if bionic legs ever become a viable solution for me, because I'm thinking I am owed at LEAST $50K in back stylish footwear. Imelda Marcos will have nothing on me. (When my mom told me about her when I was a kid, I was instantly fascinated, in a train wreck sort of way. Guilty as charged.)

What did I purchase as of late? Some eyeshadows from Lily Lolo in the UK (a set for a friend, and 1 jar of Miami Taupe for me...I'm trying to pace myself on the shadow addiction.) A BUNCH of goodies from my latest obsession, the Etsy shop Epically Epic Soap Co. Their scent Basmati Rice is my fave. I have it in the solid lotion, and I also just ordered it in the hydrating hair/body mist and perfume. Then I got it in a custom lotion with mango scent, like mango and sticky rice. And I bought a lip balm for a friend for St. Patrick's Day (shamrock shake flavor) and the Bullfrog (peach/cherry flavor) for me. (I also have their Turkish coffee lip tint. Love it.) And finally, since they're known for soap, I got a lychee scented bar soap. All in all, very Asian goodies! And then this other blog I love, Phyrra, did a review on Original Moxie hair products and gave a coupon code. I'm on my last bottle of conditioner, so I got the Featherweight conditioner and a sample of the Get Fresh shampoo. I need squeaky clean shampoo that clarifies and conditioner that is light and detangles. Plus, this company is Ypsilanti, MI based. Go figure! (Check out the review and coupon code here.)

So that is exactly how much time I can waste perusing for products. I'm hoping by having shiny hair and a made-up face, that it will draw the attention up from the holes in my shoes. Seriously, I will rectify it soon...I have to, or I'll look like a hobo next to my Italian leather loafer man.

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