Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Talent I Wish I Had

I wish I had a couple of the talents my husband possesses: the ability to argue/debate and the ability to absorb information as quickly as he can. I have a decent memory, and I am an intelligent person, but he's one of those people that knows everything about everything because he read it once. He's also a fast reader, which makes me even sicker that he can absorb information that quickly. I'm a pore-over-every-word-and-puncutation-mark person.

He can also argue until he's blue in the face...only he never turns blue, he just keeps yakking. He doesn't care that he's wrong, he just wants to take the opposite stance and argue for it. My favorite example of this was when we were with a friend of his who can really get him debating. They're colleagues, so they argue over everything at work. This guy is really laid back, and my husband is always wired. This friend and I liken these arguments to shaking up the baby and handing it back to the parents...he always presses my husband's buttons and then leaves me with him, continuing to spout his arguments. My problem is that I just don't care enough to argue with people. I have my views and I could give two hoots what you think of them...I also hate arguing over anything remotely factual for fear that don't know all the facts. I like to think before I speak...this puts me in a minority of the population. Anyway, this friend was saying that so-and-so at Stanford should have won a Nobel Prize. My husband's immediate response was "well they did!" The friend, knowing that this was completely false, said "they did?" My husband, realizing that there was no way to argue this incorrect fact tried to backpedal by saying "well, no, but they should have!" His friend and I laughed so hard, I nearly had to pull the car over. My husband was completely sour grapes about it, saying that it wasn't that funny, but it was! I wish I had half the guts he did to argue with people. As you can see, it just comes naturally for him.

And if you'll indulge my wild fantasies: time travel, the ability to be in two places at once, and anything supernatural portrayed on I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched.

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