Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let's try this again, shall we?

I'm such a bad blogger.

Many things factor into this issue. First, I am a voracious reader of other blogs. Second, the blogs I love most revolve around clothing, cosmetics and travel, and the first of these two blog categories I love are always ones that trigger the "guilty pleasures" part of my brain. Things the other half of my brain scold me for reading. I waste hours reading about other peoples' clothing and make up, all the while thinking that if I did the same, I would at least make some use of my time and put myself out there. However, the devil on my shoulder always seems to say "who would want to read that?" And I've come to the realization that, I don't really care if you want to read it...that's what that little X at the top of your screen is for.

I've also come to realize my most favorite blogs (style ones) are written by everyday women. (Hey, I'm one of those!) There are a ton out there. Maybe the blog "revolution" will usher in a new era in that shows you what real people look like. The best part of some of the cosmetic blogs out there is to see what products really look like when you use them, and not what a computer can generate.

I also write a lot and save the posts, but never publish them. I have writer's remorse syndrome. Apparently, all good writers have it, as I learned in my writing class last semester. You know, where you write something and when you write it, you think you're a genius, but when you actually publish it, you wonder when the fluff police are coming. Yeah, I pretty much cringe reading anything I've written. I also think that anything that my fingers type need to be worthy of a Pulitzer. Let's make a mountain out of this here mole hill!

I always think I "should" be doing other things, and that I "shouldn't" be so involved with clothing, make up, etc. But it never ceases to amaze me how many women out there are. Every last one of you!

But, I've been watching everyday women, and close friends, blog with reckless abandon, and it's time I join the party. Since I have been enjoying your blogs without judgement, I'm pretty sure most people will enjoy mine the same.

I was going to delete this, but let's break a bad habit, shall we. I'm going to press publish without further editing! Living on the edge!!

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