Friday, October 22, 2010

Entertain Yourself.

I feel like I'm old enough to use the phrase "in my day." For example, IN MY DAY, entertainers didn't have to apologize for being entertaining. Case in point, this recent headline about three stars of the hit show Glee. All three individuals are in their twenties but play high school aged students on the show, which has attracted a fan base beyond a high school audience. They posed for GQ magazine and before the issue has even hit the stands, apologies are already being issued (half-hearted as they may be) by the stars for the provocative nature of the photos. I suppose next, Playboy will issue apologies for printing risque photos. (Wait, that was Kim Kardashian's line...)

Anyone familiar with GQ magazine wouldn't blink an eye. Those offended by it are obviously still reading it...keep living that double standard! Keep telling yourself you're taking that bullet for Moral America.

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