Thursday, April 8, 2010

Even I'm not buying it.

I'm all for impractical fashion. If I could, I'd be sporting six inch heels with the best of 'em. I get the whole fashion as art and inspiration for what becomes available to the masses. I'm an envelope pusher, so I like it when it's done in the medium of clothing.
But this is for the birds. Quite literally. Like, I was attacked by a swarm of them. And I paid over $1K to dress like it. The grand total for this piece of shit? (Really, what else can I call it?)


Soldiers, save your fatigues, your look is hot this season!

This Yahoo article calls out the bullshit. Take out the trash, we're not buying it. And I love bags, especially impractical ones. But any old fool can grab a Hefty from under the sink and call it a knock off to those handbags.

My husband had a TShirt like that once. It had a dinosaur on it and a strategic hole over the nipple, dangerous when you consider he works in a lab. I should post it on Ebay for $2,000. His, after all, has a dinosaur on it.

Speaking of my husband, his largest complaint about America is that we dress like crap. And it's totally true for a large majority. (Though I argue that if our comfy clothes were as chic AND comfy as saris, we wouldn't have this problem.) When we're in my hometown visiting, I enjoy watching the look of torture spread across his face as he spots a 20-something with Spongebob Squarepants sweats in public, on a Sunday afternoon. (Michigan, I'm calling you out, though I have seen this look before in other places! You can do better, mitten state!) I can only imagine the look on his face if I came home with a $900 pair of grey sweatpants and said "but, darling, they're Michael Kors." For a guy that shells out the negativity on Project Runway, Michael missed the mark on this one. Is this some attempt to appeal to those hurting from the recession? To make the upper class fit in with the masses with recession-chic clothing? (I digress but that's been my favorite blurb in the news about the recession, how the upper class has "cut back" because overspending is seen as "gauche." "Well, I was going to get a Ferrari, but I didn't want to seem TACKY.")

I'd rather see six inch heels and dresses I'll never be able to afford...or fit into. Some of us poor, chesty women enjoy the Picassos of the runway, whether or not they'll grace our closets. Back to work, Kors.

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