Friday, April 2, 2010

Career Choice: Queen of England.

Hear me out!

I would make a great Queen of England...and this has nothing to do with my undying love for Prince William of Wales! I would make a fantastic Queen of England for all of the right, fabulous reasons.

1. My interests in international relations: I speak (or at least attempt to speak) several languages and hold a degree in international policy. I have a Master's which means I'm ready to rule.

2. I look amazing in hats.

3. I would like to travel with a pack of dogs: the queen chose corgis, but there is a Dorgi (doxie/Corgi) or two in the mix, so we know who's really running the Commonwealth!

4. Pearls are a classic accessory, one I look amazing in.

5. I need plenty of real estate, preferably homes decked out with some of the world's greatest pieces of art.

6. Two words: Crown Jewels.

7. Tea: I drink it.

8. Manners: I can learn.

9. Lipstick: because all the real decisions made in this world are made while wearing it. (Unless you're Sarah Palin.)

10. Prince William: I lied, it has something to do with that.

A girl can dream. Besides, if I came along, they might change the song to "God Save Us All."

(Supporting evidence: Dame Helen Mirren. Enough said.)


Anonymous said...

I agree, you do look fabulous in hats. hehe

SarahSmile said...

I agree with just about everything on this list...though I think it's slightly off-putting if you're the Queen of England madly, passionately in love with your should work that out differently ;o)

SarahSmile said...

Also, I love the freakin' Corgis. I think they are unbelieveably adorable. I don't know why, but I'm a huge fan. I wish Tony would let me get a small dog. Sigh. Maybe one day when I'm old...

Lindsie said...

Sarah, I don't want to BE Elizabeth, I want to be Queen. And how does one get to be Queen? Divine rule, or marry into it!

AbbieZ said...

Lindsie, I've decided that you should be Queen. Too bad there is an election involved in the process, cause you'd have my vote :)

AbbieZ said...

Edit that...ISN'T an election involved. I need a drink.

Lindsie said...

I would love to change constitutional monarchs to hold elections for royals :D

Marcy said...

...because you love for working folk to pay your way? Sorry, can't stand royals, although I do love you, Lindz. That, and the Royal Family is historically not exactly in favor of a united Ireland.

Anna said...

Wow. Love you Lindz and I would love for commen folk to pay my way.