Saturday, July 3, 2010


I've been neglecting this blog for the sake of other things. New Twitter account. And time, a general lack of it. And email. Lots and lots of email, in which I've been "shop talkin" with the ladiezzz. I think I'll bring the shop talk here.

It never ceases to amaze me that a great majority of my lady pals (who come from all backgrounds and walks of life) enjoy fashion, shopping, and cosmetics. While society would like us to believe these topics are petty and unimportant, I have gone down the road of neglecting my was not a happy time! I'm glad to say I'm back in action, even if my husband, the same husband that didn't appreciate my slump-chic clothing, doesn't thank me for the spending! (Though, I have it documented that he said he doesn't want to know what stuff costs when I shop. Fair enough!) So naysayers be damned, I LIKE CLOTHES. There's a reason we're among the world's worst dressed, and those Juicy-assed pants aren't the only culprits. Far too many American women sacrifice their appearance for their kids, hate their size and promise to buy themselves clothes on a skinnier tomorrow, or let the same society that feeds them heroine-eyed, pre-pubescent "models" tell them that fashion is not important. I, for one, am tired of falling victim to the "I'm fat and therefore can't look cute" trap. Call it superficial, call it whatever, I'm done with listening to naysaying dialogue of society, or the fat devil on my shoulder.

Pep talk, done. On to the shop talk, ladiezzz. My coworker turned me on to Trina Turk, a California designer whose multiculti and retro pieces send me into a Saturday-morning-cartoon-commercial-break-"I want that"-tantrum. It's always a bright spot in my day when said coworker sneaks me a Trina link to say "look what I got/want." (Said coworker has lots of pretty Trina items in her wardrobe.) I got to perusing, and fell in love with this ensemble.

The necklace, on sale, was sold out on the Trina site, but I found it on ON A BIGGER SALE with an extra 15% OFF! Trina Turk under $100? Huzzah! I even logged in to my Delta SkyMiles account to earn roughly 300 frequent flier miles on the purchase. DAMN I'm good. The hat may be in my very near future...have to pace myself!
I'm an accessorizing fool, and I'm giddy with my first Trina Turk purchase!

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