Friday, March 26, 2010

Proving that everything in French does indeed sound amazing.

I have, in recent times, started listening to French/Senegalese rapper MC Solaar. French rap is as ridiculous as it sounds...but I love it. What I didn't realize is that long, long ago he collaborated with Missy Elliott. Thus my journey back to 90s music today was sweetened by this little discovery.

Oh, and by the way he studied languages at the University of Jussieu, and was post-graduate in philosophy. I love it when I discover these little bits of commonality.


Marcy said...

Girl I could've hooked you up...he's way old school. In fact I studied him in college, although I already knew about him. Now look up Sens Unik (from Lausanne, Switzerland) and Alliance Ethnik.
I have "Panorama" which is fantastic.
I have "Simple et Funky" which is booty-bumpin.

It was great being in late 90s France & Switzerland - lots of great hip hop and rai.

Marcy said...

p.s. Rapping in French isn't silly. Both French and Spanish are spoken at higher speed than English, and French ties its words' sounds together with liasons and enchainements anyways... aka how the end of one word makes a whole new sound when combined with the start of the next.

Marcy said...

I demand one of your funny rants. The blog doesn't have to be all-rant, but you do them so well.

Lindsie said...

I know, it needs one of those.