Monday, June 30, 2014

Mercier Mondays #5 // Laura Mercier Sheer Lip Color

Today is the final installment of my Mercier Mondays series. Most of the series focused on tried-and-true products that are the backbone of my makeup bag. Foundations and powders are the necessary building blocks to our looks, but color is what takes it to the next level. Color cosmetics are what make me go from makeup "enthusiast" to makeup "hoarder."

Makeup hoarding is my little dark secret. Eyeshadow palettes stack aplenty in my collection, and my lipstick drawer won't shut without creative shuffling. We all have something that makes our eyes light up like Gollum holding the ring, and my lifelines lie with eye and lip products. I simply cannot "collect them all!" fast enough.

Like any good makeup hoarder, there is a methodical catalog in my brain that keeps stock of my treasures. I have my go-to lipstick shades, but what hooks me into buying just one more tube, even if I already have a similar color, is when I hear a celebrity whose style I covet divulging their favorite products and shades. One such product was Laura Mercier's Sheer Lip Color in the color Baby Lips, which is one of the shades used on Christina Hendricks on the set of the hit show Mad Men. In a recent post by Allure magazine, Mad Men's makeup artist, Lana Horochowski, revealed the shades she uses to make Christina turn into Joan: "More than anything, I get asked about Joan's red lipstick. But the thing is, she almost never wears red! She normally wears a pale pink, like Laura Mercier Baby Lips or MAC Fanfare. Christina Hendricks's lips are just naturally vibrant." (Mad Men Beauty: Five Surprises We Learned From Makeup Artist Lana Horochowski)

Joan Harris Essentials: Lipstick, Pendant Necklace, Glasses

Laura Mercier Baby Lips Lipstick

Laura Mercier's site describes Baby Lips as a "sheer-warm-pink". It does impart a soft, natural flush to the lips as sheer lipsticks are wont to do, but the color can be built up. By using a heavier hand, it increases the intensity of the warmth of the pink as well as plays up the hint of peachy-coral that lies dormant in the shade until applied heavily. Worn sheer or intensely, it's a beautiful, feminine shade that is appropriate for any occasion. (After all, Joan wore it to work!)

Wearing the lipstick

Mad Men wasn't the catalyst in me coveting 1960s fashion, but it certainly fanned the flames of my already existing obsession. The show's fashion and makeup crew meticulously research the looks of the decade to bring us an historically accurate portrayal of how men and women presented themselves in the workplace. I garner much inspiration from the show, but the 60s influenced my personal style long before Mad Men made it cool again. On the rare occasion that I dress for modern times, this shade of lipstick is my secret way of feeling groovy and channeling my inner Joan Harris.

Lipstick & Black Eyeliner

Do I own more cosmetics than any one woman deserves or could use in a lifetime? Probably. But if I had to choose just one brand of cosmetics for the rest of my life, it would be Laura Mercier.  I find the quality to be unrivaled, especially where foundations are concerned, and the color selection is at once impeccable and sophisticated. There are products from other brands that I enjoy, and I don't mind the occasional cheap thrill from the drugstore. But when I want my makeup to create the perfect canvas and perform the way I'm now accustomed to, I turn to the brand that has gained my loyalty: Laura Mercier. 

Laura Mercier Sheer Lip Color - $23

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