Monday, June 23, 2014

Mercier Mondays #4 // Crème de Pistache Body & Bath Collection

Thus far in the Mercier Mondays series, I have discussed the staples of my makeup bag. Like any other major beauty brand, Laura Mercier's product range doesn't stop at cosmetics. Today's post is on a few items from their line that are pure luxury: the body & bath collection.

These items are a far cry from your average shower gels and lotions. After all, they're not bath & body products. They're body & bath products. The distinction alone makes them feel that much fancier. The lotion isn't lotion, but rather a soufflé body crème. Bubble bath is far too pedestrian a term for this collection. The honey bath comes complete with a honey dipper to decant the product from its glass jar. From the name to the presentation and contents, these items are downright delectable.

Crème Body Wash, Honey Bath & Dipper, and a sample-sized Souffleé Body Crème
Crème Body Wash, Honey Bath & Dipper, and a sample-sized Souffleé Body Crème 
The fragrances in the body & bath collection are mostly of the gourmand variety. I find that I am drawn to gourmand scents in general but usually refrain from wearing them so as not to smell like a walking cupcake. (After all, 5 days out of 7 I probably have frosting on my face.) Laura Mercier's gourmand scents are different. In no way reminiscent of a junior high perfume, they're what I like to call "grown-up gourmands". Each is one is a unique cocktail, inspired by their namesake and blended with other complementary notes to make a delicious, yet wearable scent.

While my nose has yet to meet a scent in this collection that it does not like, my favorite is the Crème de Pistache. Verbatim from the website, its description reads: this scent captures the essence of creamy pistachio nuts combined with almond, praline and hazelnut nuances and freshly whipped cream for a rich, luscious experience. While you wouldn't think wearing such a sweet scent as pistachio would be appealing, this creamy scent sinks into the skin and leaves a lightly sweet fragrance with a hint of nutty pistachio. Anything but overpowering and only a slightly literal take on the pistachio, it is one of the most sophisticated gourmand scents on the market.

I drooled over these for years before I ever worked up the nerve (or the extra cash, thanks in part to an email coupon from the company) to buy them. These fancy products come with a fancy price tag as well, ranging from $15-$60, but bath aficionados will find these to be absolutely worth every penny. In particular, the items in the range that come in heavy glass jars (honey bath, scrub, and soufflé body crème) have the dual purpose of being beautiful items to keep on display on your bathroom counter. Vanity aside, these products perform at a level that justifies their price tag. Each product, though delicately scented, will layer well together to lightly perfume the skin. Unlike some heavily fragranced body products, they beautifully master the task of being scented and moisturizing, never irritating.

As the price prohibits me from using these daily, you can see from the photo I am using them sparingly and milking them for every last drop. They are the most luxurious products I've ever used in my shower. Threats to my pocketbook aside, the only other problem with the body & bath collection? Temptation. They genuinely smell good enough to eat.

Laura Mercier Crème de Pistache Body & Bath Collection

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