Monday, June 9, 2014

Mercier Mondays #2 // Pressed Setting Powder

I've noticed a theme emerging in choosing products for my Mercier Mondays series: they tend to be staples that I cannot live without, dependable products which I purchase again and again, and often are the only products of their kind in my collection. Though I love to experiment across brands, setting powders, much like primers, are few and far between in my collection. I have yet to find one that does a better job than Laura Mercier's Pressed Setting Powder in translucent.

Laura Mercier Pressed Setting Powder
Laura Mercier Pressed Setting Powder
Setting powders are the unsung heroes of the makeup world. Their performance can make or break your look's longevity, yet they do their job correctly by being invisible. We expect them to set our makeup for the long day ahead, keep it in place, and do so without being dry, cakey, or chalk-white.

The Laura Mercier site describes their pressed setting powder as a "fine-milled French 'cashmere' talc". They are right on the money in describing it as finely milled: it goes on smoothly and blurs into nothing, taking imperfections with it. It does so all without changing the look or appearance of your foundation and locks your look into place.

Because of its invisibility cloak, photographing it in action would require a National Geographic photographer. However, I believe the photo below of the product in its packaging, large divot in the center and pan exposed, is evidence enough: this is one seriously beloved product in my collection. It's becoming evident to me that the Laura Mercier brand is the backbone of my collection.

Setting powder on brush, compact shown with obvious wear.

Laura Mercier Pressed Setting Powder - $34

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