Monday, January 21, 2013

I Love the 90s / MAC Dubonnet

I have waited (impatiently) through the Renaissance of 1980s styles today's youth find hip. I think it's in everyone's birthright to hate (whether or not they chose to) the decade of their birth. I find little charm in the 1980s and have found little I would like to resurrect from that time in terms of fashion and beauty. (All rights to anything Princess Diana reserved, of course.) Knowing the sequential laws of the universe, I have patiently waited my turn to bring back the 90s: that heroine chic-cK waif-babydoll T-and combat boots-time that I was never really waif enough (even as a 90 pound middle-schooler) to fully embrace but did anyway. And I'll embrace it all again. People Style recently heralded the inklings of its return with an article on combat boots. As I anxiously await the full blown return of grunge, I decided to jump the vamp lips trend this fall and winter. Enter MAC's Dubonnet.

Dubonnet is my first MAC lipstick. I know! Let's take that one step further and reveal that I bought it as a gift to myself for turning 30! Let's all take a moment to let that sink in! By the time I was able to afford to splurge on MAC, I was over the whole teal glitter up to my eyebrows thing. Frankly, I did very little club trolling in college anyway. I always wished I had the guts and the funds to wear those little peacock tinted loose pigments...but it never happened for me. So, it is with a sigh of ripe old age that I say how very little into MAC I am. I'm a seasoned cosmetic counter patron with very little patience for their ever-limited latest collections. The turnover is obnoxious. Downright slutty, if I may say so. But I am willing to be swayed by their permanent selection.
I've only been willing to wear bold lip colors within the past couple of years. My makeup wearing years went full-tilt in the nude- and frosty-lipped late 90s, but I always admired those gutsy enough to wear shades from the vampier side of the spectrum. Upon the urging of my previously mentioned friend, Manicure Maggie, whose signature shade is Nars Cruella, I dared to try red lipstick. As she predicted, it changed my life. It started with a classic red (Make-up Forever's Moulin Rouge), but before I knew it, I owned Revlon's Black Cherry. Then when I saw a favorite YouTuber of mine (essiebutton) wearing MAC Dubonnet, I had to have it.
I underestimated how much translucent hair I have on my face...
This bordeaux beauty is one of MAC's amplified creme shades. It gives bold, creamy color with a hint of shine. I pair this with their lip liner in Brick to prevent feathering and prolong its wear. I get a few hours of wear with this, but I don't mind reapplying product. As it's such a bold red, it wears off pretty evenly and fades into a stained look (which looks quite pretty).
It gets the dachshund sniff of approval.
Overall, I'm very, very happy with my first ever MAC lipstick. I am a changed woman because of red lipstick (I call it my whore of Babylon look) and, as is my nature, I appreciate anything that can make me feel like I've gone back in time! Taking vintage literally is my greatest skill.

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