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A Few of My Favorite Things / Clinique Naturally Glossy / The Holy Grail Mascara

In the beauty blogging world there is a term "holy grail", or those products which you just can't possibly imagine going without. Much like Oprah and Julie Andrews, I prefer to call these a few of my favorite things. (Faaaavorite Thiiiiings! Oprah-style.) To use the term "holy grail" edges too close to Monty Python for me! Can you believe an Anglophile like myself doesn't get into Monty Python? Oprah and Julie are more my speed.
In thinking about sharing my beauty favorites, the product I most wanted to wax poetic about is such a staple for me that it was the chicken before the egg...or the egg before the chicken. It is the reason I know and understand what "holy grail" status is and the reason why I decided to write about my "favorite things" in the first place. If you've held a conversation with me about products, chances are I've forced this one upon you like a pusher. I would shrivel up in a corner and cry if it were to go off the market.
I could not live my life without mascara, specifically Clinique's Naturally Glossy Mascara. It currently holds the distinction of being the only mascara I've ever repurchased. I experiment with different mascaras a lot, and when I do I feel like a cheater. (As I mentioned, trying to reign in this free love/experimental attitude with mascara.) I try other mascaras and some I like. Some are fine. Some I hate. But I always go back to Naturally Glossy with my tail between my legs wondering why I've allowed my wandering eyelashes to forsake a favorite. In the mascara world, it is my first and only love.
I'm willing to bet this is the first mascara I ever purchased. I've used it faithfully since '96 when I saved my babysitting monies to get a Clinique makeover at Younkers. It was my first successful foray into make up, having learned the hard way that things can turn Ooma Loompa very quickly. Thanks for nothing but a lesson learned, Jane powder. Whomever did my make up that day at the Clinique counter was a genius and sold me colors that were appropriate for a teenager and colors that I've been able to stick with for a lifetime.
Little is written about it. Any reviews I've found in recent Google searches yielded pretty old reviews. I think the reason this gets little hype is because we live in a Kardashian-lashed society. Or, to use another phrase from Oprah, young women today seem to go for "Bessie-the-Cow" lashes. (Tori Spelling, Number One Suspect.) I will admit to wanting dramatic lashes sometimes, like when I'm going for a 60s look. But never have I wanted my lashes to wave in the breeze, hanging on by a strip of glue. More often than not, I just want a darkened, natural lash to play up what I have and take me to the office.
Granted, the reviews I have read have copped to the fact that this mascara is for lovers of the natural lash, who probably already love the lashes they were born with and just need a light coat of something simple to darken them. But I think this mascara has a lot to offer lovers of clean, clump-free mascara, too.
Description from
Gel-based formula defines lashes naturally. Lengthens, glosses, enhances. Lashes stay silky, pliant, clump and flake-free through multiple coats. Ophthalmologist tested.
This is a gel-based formula, which is not something I see often. I think this formula is the reason why it's never, ever flaked on me or given me raccoon eyes. This mascara is so slick, it doesn't even clump on the brush. (Suck it, DiorShow.) It gives incredible definition. The description on the website is accurate--I can coat and coat and coat and coat my lashes some more, and it never flakes or clumps. It also holds a curl. My hair and lashes are poker straight, so they definitely put up a fuss when attempting any sort of curl. This mascara will hold it for me! (My hair, I give up!) I don't need much in the way of extra length, but it does give some. 

The packaging is beautiful and sleek. It comes in a silver tube. There is a "C" stamped in the top of the wand, and a product details sticker on the bottom. Good things come in simple packaging.

Color Selection
Two colors are available: Jet Brown and Jet Black. I always have both on hand and use whatever I'm in the mood for. The brown gives a slightly softer look than the black.

This is the cleanest, slickest mascara I've ever encountered. If you're tired of heavy, volumizing mascaras that make you look like a Kardashian, I highly recommend this product. This is great for lovers of natural and classic looks alike.  

Retail Price $16.00 USD

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