Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Some thoughts on the September issue of Vogue...

I'm sort of on a no-buy for magazines this year, since I hoard them. I'm subscribed to a small handful, and mostly because I got the subscriptions for free. My 2012 resolution was to purchase them on my iPad to avoid clutter, but with my own print subscriptions and my coworker supplying me with her back issues (without even knowing about my no-buy!) I haven't purchased many iPad issues.

Today I broke down and bought the new issue of Vogue. I can't resist the September issue. Here are my off-the-cuff thoughts:

1. When I went to pick it up off the rack, I kept trying to thumb around to grab only one copy. Come to find out, I was picking up the last one on the stand, and it's MASSIVE. 916 pages worth to be exact. In addition to being the September issue, it's the 120th anniversary issue. This puppy's solid. I was going to wait and save reading it for my upcoming flight, but it seriously feels like it weighs 3 pounds. I wonder if 916 pages is their record?

2. Ads. Lots of them. My husband complains when he thumbs through my magazines, pointing out that I'm basically paying for ads. He fails to realize that's half the appeal, especially where the September issue is concerned. I have yet to locate the table of contents.

3. It's midnight (on the dot as I type), and I have to put it down for my own safety or I'll never get to bed.

4. Article on Chelsea Clinton. Fascinating, and about time. I love reading about anyone who has gravitated near the epicenter of power. I have no desire to be the sole bearer of power thus I find myself most fascinated by the people who surround those with it...

And finally...
5. what my dreams are made of. And Florence Welch is super hot.

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