Tuesday, August 14, 2012

In a Flash

My lone reader has already given me props for this, but I have put a STOP to the madness in my life that is flash saling. I have unsubscribed from daily emails from 2 of the 3 sites that I frequented. (applause) It was time to move on and lower my chances of impulse purchases. Let's pretend this is money saved for a UK excursion! (When in reality, I keep attempting to go on a make-up no buy, and I just CAN'T do it. Something had to give!)
My morning routine consisted of trolling those 3 sites before work to see if anything caught my eye. While I generally exercised great restraint and responsibility, I don't think that I need to start my day off by tempting myself! I have purchased a great deal of wonderful things that I love from flash sales. But (and please don't tell my husband this), I recognize that these things weren't much of a deal if I wasn't searching to buy the items in the first place. 2011 was the year of the costume jewelry and I consumed a LOT. Was I in the market for most of those pieces? 99% of the time, no. So while they were marked down, my common sense tells me I wasn't scoring a deal. (Though hey, better than paying full price! I did get a great pair of Kate Spade earrings I'd been eyeing already at a marked down price.)
One thing that made it easier for me to unsubscribe was Gilt's ever-deteriorating return policy. I have noticed that since last Black Friday (when I scored a few great Nicole Miller costume pieces) they have ceased taking returns or exchanges on costume jewelry. Like any smart consumer, I hesitate when there is not a return or exchange policy. I took a risk on a beautiful druzy cuff this summer and got BURNED because it doesn't fit the way I would like it to. Last summer when they still offered returns and exchanges on jewelry, I was lucky enough to get a refund on the House of Harlow 1960 pieces I had treated myself to for my birthday. The earrings were like anvils in my ears and the cuff (when will I learn?) also did not fit. A lack of a proper return/exchange policy is off-putting to me. I liked Gilt because their sales were on high quality brands/items. They were a true lifestyle site featuring merchandise beyond clothing and accessories. Their blog and articles are enticing! They know how to sell an EXPERIENCE. Their recent all-things-British sale about knocked me on my keister, set up to show you the perfect day or night in London while wearing their beautiful Brit-inspired merchandise. (High tea at Claridges! Wear these Burberry boots! Eat at the Grazing Goat! Buy this bag, you Anglophile sucker!)
MyHabit was the first flash sale I ever signed up for. What I appreciate most about them is that they ship items for free--and fast! They also accept refunds/exchanges more often than not. I found their brand rotation to be a bit repetitive. While high quality, I feel like I'm looking at the same modern/hipster clothing every week. If you know me, you know I love bags, and their bag selection bored me to tears. I think the only purse I ever purchased there was by London Fog. If I see one more slouchy leather cross body in a muted tone, it will be too soon. I have a love/hate relationship with their photography. For one thing, I hate the shadowed mannequin or model they would use to feature their jewelry. Though its purpose was to put the focus on the piece, I found it distracting and difficult to envision wearing the piece. They have incredible detail and zoom on their items, but I'm bored to death with that white background. I think my complaints about the photography are just a matter of taste, and perhaps I'm lacking, but I did appreciate the quality of their photography. It's not hard to say goodbye because I'm a bit bored with the selection. And if you will allow me to once more, I'd like to RAGE against the slouchy leather cross body in muted tones! BARF. A friend of mine once pointed out that I like very classic bags, especially where shape is concerned. While I've been able to branch out since she pointed it out, I am still rather baffled by these shapeless, slouchy designs.
Finally, Hautelook. I was never blown over by Hautelook, but I got some great basics there in addition to some fun stuff. Their prices are very competitive. Generally not as high end as the other two are, and shipping took forever. Hautelook is the last one I'm holding onto my daily email service for. I am KICKING myself for not buying a couple of purses I've been pining for, and I'm hoping that they resurface.
With that, I give you my gallery of flash sale regret. Pieces I regret showing restraint and not purchasing!
This is the bag I'm holding out for on Hautelook. It's been on twice! Next time, not resisting. 

SKOVA Michaela Moryskova Phoenix

Isabella Fiore Irving St. Kayla Clutch

Source: myhabit.com via Lindsie on Pinterest

Isabella Fiore Portobello Market Ella Flat Tote

Source: myhabit.com via Lindsie on Pinterest

BURNED by this cuff.

Source: gilt.com via Lindsie on Pinterest


SarahSmile said...

I love a good slouchy bag.

Sucks about the cuff, its awesome.

Lindsie said...

I have to stop buying cuffs. My wrists are apparently fatter than they appear. Sad, I always thought the wrist was one of the areas I could count on for a normal fit! The HoH purchase was hilarious. The cuff didn't fit, and the earrings were HEAVY. Makes me wonder who can wear some of this stuff (though I do have 2 other HoH pieces). It's just funny to imagine Nicole Richie trying to wear those earrings in her waify earlobes.
I didn't mind slouchy SACKS until they were shoved in my face every day by MyHabit. Incidentally, that's NOT what she said.