Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lash Tint

Last November I had my lashes tinted for the first time. I loved the results on my blonde lashes, but didn't get around to having it done again. I promised photos to my lone reader, but did not deliver. 

I went to have my brows done today by my usual esthetician, who happened to move to a new salon since the last time I saw her. In talking to her while doing my brows, I found out that she offers lash tints since moving to the new salon and immediately took her up on the service. (For anyone on the Peninsula/Bay Area, her name is Lana and she works out of DJ's Hair Design in Menlo Park. I can't remember how long I've been going to her...probably a year.) Lana used a blue-black/navy dye on my lashes in order to play off my green (whatever color they are) eyes. Once again, I am happy with the results. 

In my "after" pictures, I have zero make up on. All I've done is curl my lashes. I have always appreciated my eyelashes. They may be blonde and straight, but with a lash curler and some simple mascara I am able to make them amazing with little effort. I think a lash tint routine (the tint will last a month) will give my natural state an edge. My only concern is that it may edge out my Favorite Mascara of All Times (Clinique Naturally Glossy), and I can't imagine not using it as I have had a dependency on it since 1996. I'll have to play around to really see if the last tint does its job. From my understanding, lash tinters still turn to mascara for some drama! Thank the Lord, because I love me some mascara!



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SarahSmile said...

A) you have gorgeous eyes, whatever color they may be.

B) LOVE the tint! I can only imagine the drama you're going to get when you put on some eye makeup & sweep on mascara!! P's gonna have to take you out on the town!