Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dancing a Jig That is Up

My secret pastime is reading beauty blogs and watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. I also have a secret love for make up (and handbags..and clothes...and shopping) that is not-so-secret really, as plenty of friends and family members come to me for product advice. In between this realization and the subsequent outcome which I shall explain within a few sentences, my sister texted me a pic from a store asking "Found this great Nine West bag...which color, yellow or pink?" Thus, I think I'm prolonging the inevitable by not becoming part of the blogging community that I so voraciously consume. Furthermore, countless times in recent days friends and coworkers have shared enough hair videos, clothing "pins" on Pinterest,  and shopping texts for me to realize that I'm not alone behind closed closet doors. I have been a closeted amateur make up arist and secret shopper, and everyone knew my orientation before I figured it out. Time to be real!
I've always watched YouTube and thought "I could never put my face out there like that!" I've always read product reviews, thinking about how much I had to say about my "secret" loves, and pictured some snarky (usually male) comment about how it's a frivolous waste of my time. But, for now, these comments are imaginary. And putting yourself out there on the internet does open yourself up for criticism...but I think those who find pleasure in criticizing the creative output of others are spending their time more frivolously than someone who tweets about a great deal they found at the mall.
So with that, my first virtual middle finger to my imaginary critics, I say to my one, lone reader an apology for being a pitiful blogger who toggles between blogging platforms and whose silence is self-imposed stifling. But I think I have it figured out, truly. You'll get over it, lone reader. And it's my I do what I want! I you, lone reader.

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