Tuesday, March 15, 2011

She's Climbin' in Your Windows...

A couple of weekends ago, I made an impulse purchase or two on a Friday night before bed. Coincidentally, my husband was out of town. (While the cat's away...) And in the morning when I rolled over to read my Blackberry, I had an "I bought what?" moment. Let's ignore the fact for a moment that I may need rehab and rejoice in the fact that I bought a hot Kate Spade purse via the sample sale for $145. That is with tax and shipping my friends. Its sticker price was $325. Pretty sure this is what Diana Ross meant when she was singing about her Love Hangover.

Normally, I don't impulse shop. You can ask anyone that's shopped with me. I'm a hem-hawer and I usually have to make many trips to the mall because I find myself saying "why didn't I buy that?" But I've wanted a Kate Spade for YEARS, so I'm happy to finally have one. Anyone remember her boxy Sam bags? Those were also in the sample sale, and I was tempted, but I feel I've outgrown them...oh, if only I'd gotten one in 1995.

But regardless, she's here...and she's hiding under my side of the bed. She's a little to fall/winter to make her debut, though I should take advantage of using her during this rainy west coast weather. However, she's quite large, so I'm not sure the "this old thing" line will work. Hide your cards, hide your wallets...UPS, is coming for YOU! (I had this shipped to work...sneaky trick I learned from my best friend's mom who was my high school teacher.)

So, aside from this rehash on old news (to some of you), I wanted to mention that katespade.com is AWESOME and has free (or super low) shipping. I usually get free shipping, but for the sample sale, they charged $5 shipping.
That's kate, hiding at my job.

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