Sunday, January 30, 2011

Treats from India

My husband and mother-in-law brought me some treats from India. This neem tulsi (Indian lilac and holy basil) soap is strongly scented (I can smell it here in my bedroom, and it's in my shower). They also gave me REAL Indian Kajal! I have been playing with black eyeliner the past few weeks and have come to realize that I can wear it without looking like a drag queen. A poorly dressed one, rather, because there are some beautiful DQs out there! I'll post pictures in a later related post. They also brought this Colgate toothpaste which I really got a kick out of. First, it's "super shakti," or super strength, and it's approved by the IDA, Indian Dental Association, just like our ADA. Oh, and it's "100%  Vegetarian." (I heart localization.) 

 The kajal packing says that this doesn't require sharpening...not sure how that's going to work, but nevertheless it looked really good!

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