Friday, January 28, 2011


Plaid is a nostalgic print for me. For most people, a scent will trigger a memory, but my memories lie with clothes. I can often tell you what I was wearing when I recall times in the past. When I saw this picture in The Chris Farley Show, it totally reminded me of an outfit my late great aunt would have worn, my grandmother's plaid Christmas tablecloths, and my red plaid SKORT in third grade. 

Those pants are bad ass. No lie, I'd wear that outfit.

I was also reading Suzy Gershman's Born to Shop London the other day (wishful me) and discovered that there is a difference between plaids and tartans. In the US, plaid has come to mean a pattern of alternating colors in a set sequence, whereas in Scotland it is a piece of clothing worn as part of a Scottish dress uniform. A tartan is a pattern of fabric, with alternate colors in the warp and weft in which the colors repeat themselves in a set order. A tartan is not a plaid. I'm pretty sure I'm mangling this argument, so I should head on over to the UK to figure this out.

I think I need more plaid in my wardrobe. 

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