Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pratik's Birthday // Kayaking in Sausalito

This week was my husband's birthday. I generally celebrate his birthday by taking him on an outing that he's been asking me to go on, but that I've dragged my feet about. Since marriage is about compromise, I've found myself renting convertibles, camping, fishing, and engaging in other outdoor activities that I would not otherwise partake in willingly. This weekend was no exception.

For the past few months, every time we've been by the coastline Pratik has asked me to rent a kayak. After months of asking, today he got his wish. We took our friends Josh and Lauren, Pratik's visiting mom, and Molly to Sausalito to fulfill Pratik's kayaking dreams. Though Molly jumped out of the kayak at the last minute to stay on land with Pratik's mom, I have to admit that today was one of the more enjoyable "compromise" birthday gifts. I was pretty surprised at the amount of water we covered. We were having such an amazing time that we neglected to take photos of our fellow kayaking friends. The views of the San Francisco Bay, the surrounding boats, and the wildlife were quite amazing. I took my old point-and-shoot camera (for fear of capsizing with my big camera), but the pictures still speak for themselves. Happy Birthday, Pratik!

House boats in Sausalito
We saw several seals, including this nearby swimmer.
Boats anchored in the SF Bay
Pratik paddling, having more fun than his facial expressions allowed for this photo.
Perhaps if I rowed instead of taking selfies, he'd have a better time. 
Boats and fellow kayakers in the bay
Kayak paddle

My favorite boat, called the Hindeloopen, looked like something out of a fairy tale.

This is my second favorite boat. Yosemite Sam on the stern, parked next to a yacht. 
Yosemite Sam's neighboring yacht. 

my feet in the kayak

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