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Flower Beauty Fridays #3 // Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara

Don't you hate it when your favorite makeup gets discontinued? That kick-in-the-gut feeling you get when you go to the makeup aisle or counter and discover that your must-have product is no longer being produced? If I were the proprietor of my own makeup company, my first order of business would be to bring some of my discontinued favorites back from the dead. From Clinique Shadowliner to Nars Penny Lane cream blush, I would be positively drunk with Pushing Daisies power. This was surely the impetus behind Flower Beauty's Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara.

Flower Beauty Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara in Packaging

Modeled after one of Barrymore's favorite 80s mascaras, Maybelline Dial-a-Lash, the Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara has a unique adjustable mascara wand. One of the few tools of its kind on the market, the rotating cap adjusts for length, curl, or volume depending on the setting. Housed in luxurious rose gold packaging and promising to do the work of 3 mascaras in 1 tube, one would think this reincarnated product would come at a higher price tag than $8 at Wal-Mart.

Flower Beauty Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara in Tube

I'm not going to lie. When I read about the concept, I was completely skeptical of this product. I thought that the brush was surely a gimmick. I thought that the formula couldn't possibly do the work of 3 different types of mascaras, and that there was no way there would be any marked difference in the way this product performed based on the click of a dial. Fortunately, it proved me wrong. The Ultimate Mascara does actually give 3 different effects.

Setting 1-Lenghten
Wand on Setting 1
Setting 1 on Lashes

Lengthening mascaras are my usual M.O. They enhance what I've got going on and are a no fuss option. Setting 1 gives the lightest application by lengthening (fancy that) and separating the lashes. This is the best setting for a no-frills, natural look.

Setting 2-Curl
Wand on Setting 2
Setting 2 on Lashes

The second setting, curling, is what I'd consider to be a hybrid of the lengthening and volumizing settings. Perhaps it's because of my fine, straight hair type, but I've never really noticed a "curling" effect with mascaras that promise this kind of result. I'm forever chained to a lash curler, and I'm OK with that. But hold the curl given by my lash curler? Check. Little bit of volume and pretty substantial length? Double check.

Setting 3-Volumize
Wand on Setting 3
Setting 3 on Lashes

The final surprise this mascara had in store for me was the third setting: volume. Volumizing mascaras are hit or miss for me, which I will detail in a special and highly requested bonus post tomorrow, but spoiler alert: it's hard out here for a straight-lashed girl. I thought for certain that when I bought this mascara that if I liked it, it would likely be stuck on settings 1 or 2, but since I bought it last month the dial has been almost exclusively set to 3. It not only gives length and holds the curl, but it gives my lashes an extra boost without weighing them down or looking overly done. It gives substantial volume without giving the dreaded tarantula-eye effect.

When considering what makeup to buy, people often opt for budget mascaras over high end ones. Our needs are usually straightforward: we want it dark, and we want it to perform the function listed on the packaging. There are few revolutionary functions a mascara could perform, so don't think you need Diorshow on the basis of it being a runway favorite. Sometimes a mascara is just a mascara. A good formula plus a good brush is all one needs for great lashes. Trial and error? Yes, but consider the source when this makeup junkie says that the drugstore is a treasure trove of tons of great mascaras, so big money does not need to be spent.

Even if I weren't a makeup junkie, I would keep 2 mascaras in rotation - one for everyday, and one for more dramatic looks. This product eliminates the need to keep 2 different products around because it delivers on its promise of being a 3-in-1 product. Given that with each setting the formula performs in 3 different ways, it proves that mascara is pretty dependent on its mode of delivery. Couple this with the fact that the formula itself isn't heavy, doesn't flake, and is a rich black color, and I put it to you that we've found ourselves a winner in the Ultimate Mascara.

Flower Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara - $8
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