Thursday, May 29, 2014

Back to Glam // When You Look Good, You Feel Good

One of my favorite brands is Laura Mercier. I heard about the brand and its products and techniques through a male makeup artist at my friend's wedding several years ago. (Hence my love of male makeup artists!) A few months later, I managed to scrap together some extra cash from my student job wages and headed to Macy's at Stanford Mall to try a few of the products. Between the excellent service I received that day and the quality of the products, I was hooked. While my love of beauty products knows no bounds, Laura Mercier is one of the staples in my makeup bag and a brand to which I remain loyal.

Something I admire about the company aside from its products is its mission to give back. The Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund was established to raise funds for awareness and research through the sale of a few select products on their website, and 100% of the proceeds from the sales of these designated products go directly to the fund. One of these products is the Bonne Minne Healthy Glow palette. This palette has been cited as a product that helps women struggling with the side effects of chemo to get their healthy glow back. Having lost someone in my age group to ovarian cancer, I am grateful to any person or company raising awareness for this particular disease.

While my health struggles are vastly different, what I can relate to -irrespective of ailment- is the search for normalcy in your day. Makeup and clothing bring me a sense of normalcy that disability can sometimes destroy. I've learned that it's OK to hang onto whatever brings you joy in the moment and whatever makes you feel good despite your daily challenges. I've detached the guilt I once felt about the joy that makeup brought me as there's no frivolity in taking care of yourself. Having a routine helps me cope with changes in my health, and putting on my makeup is part of that routine.

Recently, my mother entered a contest on Laura Mercier's Facebook page which put a call out for stories about inspirational women. My mother, never one to believe that contests odds are stacked in her favor, wrote about my health struggles and how I inspire her because of what I have been through (and mentioned that I have her hooked on the products as well). Much to our surprise, she won! Last week I received my treats.

I received a "stickgloss lip color" in the shade Brown Sugar. The site aptly describes the color as a "wearable-pink-brown". As sheer, yet buildable, as the coverage is, I would also say this dusty color leans a bit mauve-purple. This color and formula is exactly what I like to wear, and it's a perfect nude/my-lips-but-better shade. I also received a lip pencil in the shade Hazelnut Tea, which is described as a "neutral-beige-pink". While this looks to be an accurate description in the swatch below, on my lips it pulls very tan, so I'll have to play with this one a bit.

All in all, I am completely happy with the products I received. I am really touched that my mom nominated me, and that they chose me. What the company perhaps didn't know when they chose my mom's entry is what an inspiration she is to me. Not only has my mother been by my side for each and every health struggle, but she did so alone after my father's death when I was 7. My mother taught me how to be strong and independent, and I couldn't have become the woman she described if it weren't for her guidance.

Currently, this blog has only one other post about Laura Mercier products, and it was a deluxe sample that I did not enjoy. To rectify this situation and to properly convey my love for this brand, I will be blogging about a beloved Laura Mercier product each Monday in June. Hope to see you back here for "Mercier Mondays"!

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